Friday, February 24, 2012

Less Than a Day

My story Less Than a Day launched last night on Forbidden Fiction. Here's the blurb:

Tod is a harbinger of imminent death. He doesn't use his powers for good—instead he offers women a last fuck before they die. Jaded, Tod is surprised when one woman gets to him like no other. The last sex of her life is the best sex of his.

I'll be posting an excerpt and talking a lot more about this story in days to come, but I wanted to get the news up right away rather than waiting for time to write "the perfect post."

I've had a great experience working with Forbidden Fiction so far, and am very grateful for the efforts of all their editors and proofreaders. In particular, I'm appreciative of the lovely cover they produced for my story.

Please check out Less Than a Day, and, while you're at it, browse Forbidden Fiction's other recent releases. I'm in very good company over there.

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