Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stories I've Enjoyed (Coming Together Edition): "Thank God It's Friday" by T. Highwayman

At some point, I realized that a lot of erotica skimps on describing male appearance and experience. My favorite erotic story (which I'll talk about another time) is m/m. For a while, I thought it was my favorite despite the m/m, because of its extreme bdsm. Recently, I re-evaluated. One reason I like it so much is that it contains extended, loving descriptions of cock.

I like cock. I like balls. I like men. (Women, too, but that is also a subject for another time). M/M erotica is obviously good at describing men sensually, but I wish I saw these kinds of descriptions in other places, too.

The story I'm featuring today, "Thank God It's Friday" by T. Highwayman, really aroused me with its focus on cock. I'm not always into masturbation stories (which this is), but this one really makes me understand the appeal of the genre. There's no one else in the picture. I get to be a voyeur. I don't have to compare myself to another person (male or female) playing the role of lover. I can admire, and identify.

The story appeared in Coming Together: By Hand, a collection of masturbation stories that benefits the Coalition for Positive Sexuality.

Here's an excerpt that's much shorter than all my going on:

He had learnt to keep this state going for hours on end. It was the closest a man could get to being multi-orgasmic. His penis would swell to atrocious proportions. He could feel the blood flow through its veins. In this state, he could maintain a perpetual hard-on. He loved it.


In honor of the Coming Together Share the Love Blog Bash, I'm featuring Coming Together stories all month for "Stories I've Enjoyed."

Coming Together publishes erotic anthologies and standalone titles, and donates all proceeds to various charities.

For full disclosure, I've been published by Coming Together, but I bought Coming Together: By Hand and wrote this post entirely on my own.

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