Friday, February 3, 2012

Share the Love Blog Bash Schedule

A bunch of Coming Together authors are blogging about erotic charity this month at Beyond Romance, including a few heroes of mine (Remittance Girl, Sacchi Green, M. Christian, and more!).

Amazing giveaways, as well, including a Kindle Fire... So, check it out, and keep an eye out of February 24, when I'll be heading over there myself!

Share the Love Schedule
1st - Alessia Brio
2nd - Lisabet Sarai
3rd - Remittance Girl
4th - Heather Lin
5th - Ann Regentin
6th - Victoria Blisse
7th - Lisabet Sarai
8th - Sacchi Green
9th - Gia Blue
10th - Xan West
11th - Erobintica
12th - Andrea Dale
13th - Jean Roberta
14th - Nobilis Reed
15th - Robert Buckley
16th - Brenna Lyons
17th - C. Sanchez-Garcia
18th - Amelia June
19th - M. Christian
20th - Teresa Lamai
21st - Tilly Greene
22nd - Giselle Renarde
23rd - Aliyah Burke
24th - Annabeth Leong
25th - Raziel Moore
26th - Allison Wonderland
27th - Gayle C. Straun
28th - Daniel Burnell
29th - Lee Benoit

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